Modern Fit- The New Lifestyle

The Lifestyle plan that's more effective than P90X and Whole 30 Combined

Learn the modern techniques to fitness and never slave over the treadmill again.

Amanda's Success

Amanda is a busy mother of two and could never commit to a healthy lifestyle. It wasnt until she took a long, hard look in the mirror and decided she needed to change something in her life so that she could be around for her kids. "Losing 62 pounds makes me feel like a new woman"!

The NEW Age of Nutrition and Fitness has ARRIVED

We are ecstatic that we have been able to help thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals through our modern approach and 1-on-1 coaching. Our goal is to teach you long-term, sustainable weight-loss and healthy living. The education you recieve throughout the program will set you up for life-long success with weight management. 

What if I said you didn't have to eat boring chicken and steamed broccoli every day to reach your goals? 

What if there was an easier way than what traditional methods taught? 

Is it REALLY your fault as to why you cant lose weight? 

Do you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? 

There is an easier way to lose weight other than eating plain chicken and steamed broccoli every day. 

Traditional methods are over-played and are on their way out for good.

Do they work? Oh, they most certaintly work... 

However, if you are like most people out there, you can eat only so much chicken and broccoli until you go on a binging spree and let all your hard work and achievements go down the drain. 

This is why those strict diets ALWAYS fail, and why people tend to gain ALL of the weight back... and then some!

From the start, strict diets set you up for failure by depriving you of the foods you enjoy the most.  

Can you still eat unhealthy foods AND still lose weight? 

If you follow a certain set of principals, we know you can

It's Not Your Fault

It might not be exactly your fault as to why you cant lose weight either.

Why? Your brain has become addicted and is wired to crave sugar and starches. These foods are notorious for creating inflammation in your digestive tract. 

Why is this important? 

If your digestive tract stays inflammed your body won't be able to absorb vital nutrients... These nutrients are extrememly important to having a fully functional metabolism.

This is why losing weight feels like climbing Mt. Everest. 

If you can stop or reduce inflammation in your GI tract, you will automatically start to feel better and the weight will start to fall off!  

Don't take my word for it though, look at another success story...

Mike knew his blood pressure was creeping up and the last thing he wanted was to be on medications for the rest of his life. Changing gears from being unhealthy to The New Lifestyle "was much easier than I had ever thought". Losing a total of 45 pounds in about 5 months! He now knows how to control internal inflammation and is living the life he has always wanted.

How The Program Works

The program is designed into three blocks

Each block correlates to one month and each block has a specific protocol for women and men. (Don't worry, you get plenty of options and the diet is "incredibly simple") -Diane 

Block 1- Reset

The first month, we acclimate you to "The New Lifestyle" and we reset your brain chemistry through a certain nutritional protocol. Reduced inflammation is a key principal during this block. 

Block 2- Trim

We start switching gears during this block to further increase your metabolic rate. We want to keep your body guessing and to take advantage of that, we implement a new training and nutrition protocol. We are advocates of cheat meals during this block, ONLY if you have earned it!  

Block 3- Live

As we move through the program, the nutrition and workouts progressively get harder. This nutritional plan calls for carbohydrate cycling. During this block you learn how to stay on your diet while being more "social". This block will teach you how to live a balanced life with knowing when to eat carbs and when not to eat them. 

Our Services

MDRN Fit For Women

MDRN Fit For Men

Tailored Nutrition Plans

Work with us to reach your nutritional needs. Fully customizable plans to fit your lifestyle so you can start burning fat effortlessly.


The New Fit has a different approach to getting in shape. Learn how to make fitness a lifestyle so you never have to worry about your weight again. 

Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track with regular check-in sessions, ideal for the individual that needs accountability and weekly adjustments to their plan. 

Workout Plans

Get access to our complete video library of workouts.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced vet, we have gym and home workouts for you that build muscle, burn fat and tighten up your body.


Wouldn't you like to have a team support you? That's what we're here for. To support you and root you along your jouney! 

Email & Texting Support 24/7

Have a question about certain foods or restaurants you're eating at? Shoot us an email/text so we can help you make the best choices possible. 

Healthy Living

The New Fit cares about being healthy internally. We promote health and wellness across the board. Finally take control of your health.

Secured Payments 

Low monthly payments through the security of pay-pal or credit card. We believe in protecting members information. 


We stand by our commitment to providing our clients with the utmost 1-on-1 coaching, so we are accepting a limited number of ONLY 100 clients. 

Why 100? We find that the quality of care has the potential to drop dramatically after the 100 mark. We REFUSE to let that happen and want to give each of you the time needed to reach YOUR goals!

We only want people who are TRULY ready to make a change to a healthier version of themselves within our program. 

If you know you are ready for this program and you want to commit to being healthy in 2017, we would love to work with you and hear your story. 

How ready are you?

This is what you will get after enrolling into the program:

  •  A complete nutrition guide that educates you and tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it
  •  Home and Gym workouts 
  •  A complete video library of workout demonstrations for both gym and home workouts
  •  Coaching 24/7 when you need it and when you need adjustments
  •  Access to our exclusive Facebook Group for coaching and encourgament. 
  •  100% money back guarantee! 

The BIG question is... How much does it cost?

But first... Is this something that you really want to do? Do you really want to make a change to a healthier version of yourself? 

If the answer isn't a definite YESSS... You can stop reading. 

If it is a YES, keep reading.

The reason I mention that above is because  

  • If you are tired of not feeling confident... 
  • If you don't like taking pictures... 
  • If you want to be around for your kids... 
  • If you are ready to go on more dates... 
  • If you want to feel like you did when you were younger or pre-kids..
  • If you want to get off your medications..

then the price is a mere TRIVIALITY.

If you can afford to drink one of those fancy drinks at starbucks daily, you can afford this progam! 

In fact, with everything that we are offering you, you would be paying upwards of $500-$1,000 a month if you went to some of the so called "gurus" out there.

Not here, we don't believe in over-pricing our services in the name of being a "guru". 

Like I mentioned earlier, if you can afford a coffee from starbucks on a daily basis, you can afford our program. 

You WILL make the change you're looking for, 

For ONLY $150/Month


1-Time Payment of $425 (SAVE $25!)

That boils down to $5 per day!

Is gaining your confidence back, wearing bright colors, and being that person that says "Hey! Lets all take a picture!" worth $5 a day to you?

If it's worth it to you, and you are 100% COMMITTED, I want to invite you to join our program.

What do you have to lose, except body fat? 

We are standing behind our program with a 100% money back guarantee... So you literally have nothing to lose AND have EVERYTHING to gain. If not now, when?

Are you ready?

 Great, Lets Get Started! 

Meet Our Team

Cara Reid (Soon to be Cara Fitch) is the mother of an energy filled 7 year old, Hudson. Always being active in sports growing up, she was surrounded by the lifestyle which led to her growing passion in fitness and wellness. Cara loves the lifestyle that being fit and healthy can bring. 

Ryan Fitch has had a passion for living the fit lifestyle starting at the age of 13. From the beginning he knew this was his life calling and his passion. He then graduated with a bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology and started to build up his company, Modern Diet Revolution. His mission in 2017 is to help 10,000 people get in the best shape of their lives.



What if I don't like the food choices you have in the program?

Very rarely has someone gone through the program who couldn't find an option that they enjoyed. But, we do understand that there are super picky eaters out there and if that is you, address your concerns with your coach and we will customize a plan specifically for your likes and dislikes. 

How long is the program?

The program is a total of 12 weeks that is broken down into three seperate blocks. Each block you will learn something completely different and it's designed to shock your body and metabolism so the fat burning process stays amped up.

What if I cannot afford the program?

If you cannot afford the program then you can visit and take a look at all of our free content to help you get started on your journey. 99% of the content I provide is completely free. This program is for people who are ready to take it to the next level.

How much weight will I lose?

This is going to be dependent on HOW MUCH you have to lose. If you have 35+ pounds to lose, we have noticed that its typical for our members to lose 11-14 pounds per month. If you have 15-25 pounds of fat to get rid of, we feel comfortable with you losing 7-10 pounds per month.

Can you guarantee me that I will lose weight?

This is a bold statment that we stand behind. If you follow the program and fill out your logs on a weekly basis to show us that you are putting the work in and are willing to work with your coach and you still do not lose weight. We will refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked. Just email our support team and we will promptly refund you the money. 

This seems like a lot of money, what makes it worth it?

Simply put, our program works. We stand by it 100% with our money back guarantee. This program was designed based on science and modern principals that will work. The education that you will receive from going through this program will set you up for life-long success with weight management and being healthy. In our opinion, that is priceless.  

What if I haven't reached my goals after the 12 weeks are up? 

If you have yet to reach your goals when the 12 weeks are up, you will still be able to stay in the program until your goals are reached. The plans we provide you will still be customed to your individual needs and you will still work with a coach. If your goals shift or change, thats ok too, we will be there with you every step of the way.